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Lion Guard

The cabal meetingIt has been brought to the attention of the Lion Guard that saboteurs are plotting on facebook to attack Trump’s Arizona rally this Saturday.  These braggarts are openly talking about infiltrating the rally and causing another cancellation.    As MAGA patriots, we cannot allow this to happen.  The time has come for all MAGA patriots to do everything in their power to prevent these brigands from causing any confrontation inside the rally.

How you can help?

  • Visit the facebook page for the plotters
  • Do your best to archive any post suggesting infiltration and disruption of the rally
    • The priority are those plotters that affirmatively state they want to stop the event.
    • The next priority are those giving likes or supportive comments to those plotters for their proposed sabotage, they might be conspirators and will show up as well.
    • The next priority are those purchasing noise/smoke/disruptive devices.  They might infiltrate…

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