The world is heating up, they stay. Put your money into green energy, they scream.Do it through your tax dollars they demand with a gun to your face. Don’t buy stuff. Don’t spend your hard-earned money that you broke your back to get. Don’t drive your car, and don’t eat meat.

Sounds like a recipe for economic disaster! But who would benefit? Qui bono?

Maybe the world is heating up. The Donald thinks that is the case. But wait, you say. Isn’t he fighting for us? Why would he agree with the “expert consensus”. After all, 97% of scientists say it’s happening – which is hardly a consensus? Is Donald a shill?

Think about it. Who better to know the ends of out of how things are really working than a person who has sat inside the boardrooms and meeting halls where this all gets planned out? Who better to tell the truth than the person who can blast it all open.And that’s exactly what the Donald has done:


Now wait, you might say. He’s saying the “concept of global warming” was created by China. But let’s think that through. How could the Man reveal it all before he’s president? A little bit at a time, a little bit at a time.

Let’s take off the sheeple goggles and look at the evidence. It’s becoming undeniable that the upper atmosphere is being seeded with chemicals and metals. You see it everyday with chemtrails. It’s geoengineering, and its been going on since the 1950s. It’s also becoming undeniable that chemtrails are the real cause of global warming.


Those of us in the Sky Watching community have always thought it was the American government seeding the atmosphere with nuclear chemicals, but we maybe were wrong. Maybe the culprit has been China!

Now, China wouldn’t send their planes over our cities so directly. They, unlike our leaders, are too smart for that. Remember, China and Russia have a strong alliance. They even said they wanted to SINK THE DOLLAR by making their own currency. Check this out: Russian Military Jets Caught Over Three US Cities

images (9)

Is this a Russian jet?

The evidence is there, fellow Americans, if we just open our eyes to see it.



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