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Things are weighing heavily on our leader’s mind, folks. Every day the numbers of the rabid Left grows and floods our streets, their rat-like visages intent on tearing down the crumbling facade of our once-great Nation. MAGA! we say, MAGA! again. And a third MAGA! The very words send shivers down the slimy non-spines of our rodent adversaries and strikes fear into the hearts of their backers, those deep-pocketed money changers sitting high on the hog in their plush offices, counting the money stolen right out from your callused and sore hands. To them we shout a loud and defining MAGA! Our voices together shake the edifices of their towers. They know we the people are on the march, and so they turn loose their dogs, their idiot beasts, their brainwashed Spartacist slaves, who beat us down not with words but with fists and stones. Me ne frego! ME NE FREGO!! They have let slip their socialist scum, those dunder-headed baboons, rotten offspring of liberal professors and the Jew-nited Nations. ME NE FREGO! because we are men, we are strong, and we are American. We will reclaim this land for ourselves and our women, we will Make America Great Again by reclaiming our culture and heritage, by going back to the honored and ancient traditions that built us up in the first place. We will do it so Trump does not have to worry. We will do it so he can look out from the Oval Office and smile at what he sees, a country finally unified and Great Again! We will do it so the lines of worry will not be forever etched into the stone of his strong face.

Cowardice? Are you serious?

The socialist rats are cowards. They are the footsoldiers of those who want to tear down this country. They hate America to its beautiful core. Sound the Trumpets for Trump! Folks, without Trump’s guiding vision we will surely lose our ways of life into this reddest of nights.

Apologies for Freedom? I can’t handle this!

The leaders of the socialist rats, sitting high in their towers at the Federal Reserve, want to apologize for our strength. They think that a unified and noble country is wrong. They think incredible patriotism is a sign of weakness. They have taken steps to make sure that you are not great! Like vampires they have sucked the life blood from your body, more and more each paycheck. They know that it is your blood that makes this country again, and is that which sustains our beautiful culture. They will drink from us and our country no longer!!

When Freedom rings ANSWER THE CALL!

On your feet!! The Lions Guard wants you to assist in the fight to reclaim what is rightfully ours! Stand up tall!





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